Into the woods

It is now absolutely safe to say that the forest is my natural habitat. The evidence of it is apparent from the joy on my face. Look at my pictures. Look at my face.

Whenever I am outdoors in nature, the mystical, fairytale-slash-bohemian atmosphere materialises in my head. What better way is there to match the atmosphere than to dress like a bohemian fairy, especially with this beautiful two-piece set? 

With two piece sets, I have yet to find one that has made me want to run over mountains and hills, trip across a rock on the way, and hand over all my money and everything that I have. That is, until I found these matching separates from Forever21. The set has all of my favourite features; the off shoulder top, the skirt with the subtle slit and the tassels. I mean, come on guys, TASSELS! 

I kept the outfit simple and paired the co-ordinates with my go-to lace up sandals and a black choker. I finished it off with mosquito repellent and imaginary sparkly fairy dust. Voilà, perfect for strolling about in the woods. 

Off I go to explore more forest magic. Thanks for reading!

Do you guys like two-piece sets?

| Co-ordinates Forever21 | Shoes Pull & Bear (old) | Choker Argyle Center | Glasses Aldo |

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